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Lafferty Commercial Kitchen Hood and Vent Foam Cleaning Systems

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Lafferty Precision Foamers for hood and vent cleaning apply high quality foam precisely where you want it, and are designed with the professional hood and vent cleaning company in mind. These systems help get the job started fast and save time, chemical and water. Everything required to undertake a precision foaming job is mounted to the cart. Just plug the unit into an electrical supply and provide the chemical solution.

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935165 - Portable PD Precision Foamer


  • Precision Foamers create and project a low volume of rich foam and are ideal for jobs where precision application and tight control of overspray are required.
  • The Portable Precision Foamer is a self-contained foaming system, complete with a small, on-board 110V air compressor.
  • A Flojet air pump powers the system, and is mounted on a unique Lafferty quick release, stainless steel bracket inside a stainless steel enclosure.
  • Adjustable foam consistency
  • Consistent, efficient chemical control
  • Draws ready-to-use chemical solution from a user supplied pail
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Benefits without high pressure water

Dwell time of low pressure, clinging foam penetrates grease to leave a clean surface with less effort

  • Reduces prep time - by up to 1 hour or more per location
  • Lower mil, plastic sheeting can be used — Less cost, easier handling and disposal
  • Less splatter during cleaning and rinsing — Less plastic needed; Easier cleanup
  • Less rinsing required — Use up to 1/3 less water
  • Frees up pressure washer to be used for other tasks
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Requirements :

RTU chemical and electricity


  • Stainless steel cart & enclosure
  • Air compressor (110 volt)
  • GFCI protected electrical connectio
  • Air pump with Santoprene diaphragm (Optional Viton)
  • Stainless steel foamer body
  • Discharge hose, polypropylene trigger gun and foam wand with stainless steel nozzle

Recommended Degreaser - Caustic soda for cleaning greasy surfaces

Caustic soda is a great degreaser designed for use with Lafferty foamers and other applicators.

50 lb Bag Caustic Soda

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