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Gantry System

Gantry System

Gantry systems clean stationary vehicles with a moving assembly of brushes and high pressure spray. These systems typically include a climbing top brush and two side brushes. The entire cleaning assembly moves back and forth on a track to clean the vehicle from front to back and leave you with a sparkling image.

Dixie’s Commercial Wash System is capable of producing cleaner vehicles faster and more safely with equipment that is durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. Our commercial wash equipment is engineered by operators with over 100+ years of combined experience to clean better, faster, safer, and with less maintenance. Our Commercial Wash System technology allows you to increase the cleaning power of many equipment items as your business grows, without the need for construction or costly renovation

Our system typically includes the following:

  • (1) 3 Brush Gantry System Complete
  • (1) Rail system
  • (2) 40’ Tire Guides
  • (1) 30 H.P. Pumping System
  • (2) Chemical Mixing Stations
  • (1) 500 Gallon Water Storage Tank
  • (1) Hose Track Delivery System
  • (1) Undercarriage Wash System
  • (1) Specialized Electrical Control System
  • All necessary plumbing & electrical

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