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Automated Truck Wash

Dixie Products is the Industry Leader in Automated Truck Wash Equipment

Dixie’s Commercial Wash System is capable of producing cleaner vehicles faster and more safely with equipment that is durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. Our commercial wash equipment is engineered by operators with over 100+ years of combined experience to clean better, faster, safer, and with less maintenance. Our Commercial Wash System technology allows you to increase the cleaning power of many equipment items as your business grows, without the need for construction or costly renovation.

  • 2-Step With Brushes Drive-Thru System

    Dixie’s 2-Step Commercial Wash System with brushes will help keep your large fleet clean, while doing it efficiently. This system incorporates floating vertical brushes to aide in removal of debris on trucks and leaves vehicles with a superior wash. This system can be installed in full wash bay facilities as well as "pull-in/back-out" wash facilities.

  • 3 Brush Gantry Drive-Thru System

    Gantry systems clean stationary vehicles with a moving assembly of brushes and high pressure spray. These systems typically include a climbing top brush and two side brushes. The entire cleaning assembly moves back and forth on a track to clean the vehicle from front to back and leave you with a sparkling image.

  • Custom Built Automated Systems

    Dixie Products can help you design the cleaning system that fits your needs. Don’t let space or power requirements hold you back from the wash system you have always wanted.

  • Watch a video on our machine capabilities. We've rolled the most popular features of our automated truck wash systems into a short video.
2-Step pressure washing system